Tritium Keyrings

Glowing Tritium Keyrings make a fantastic present. People are amazed that such a product is even available to the general public.

If you have a techie or technology lover in your life, this is the present that the want. These keyrings are the coolest gadget since smart phones.

They are also practical, no more fumbling for your keys in a dark room. For ladies, it makes them easier to find in a dark handbag.

Original Nite Glowring keyring – NEW Clear Case – illuminates for up to ten years – Glow (Yellow)





You can buy these tritium keychains online at right now.


Please check back soon as we will be expanding our assortment of tritium keychains, keyrings and other gadgets.


These make excellent presents for the guy or gal who has everything and likes unique, one-of-a-kind or high tech gadgets. The coolness factor is high in these keychains!


These products ship from the UK to anywhere inside the European Union.


Tritium keychains are not generally available in the United States.

Edward Teller says:

These are really cool.
This gives me an idea for something really big.