Radioactive Toys

Did you know that the marbles you used to play with were possibly radioactive?
Did you know that your grandmother’s ‘depression glass’ contained uranium?

Radioactive Bananas?

This video is made by a very scientifically minded gentleman who walks you through his method for detecting the radioactive potassium 40 in bananas.

All bananas contain potassium (‘K’ in the periodic chart). All potassium contains 93+ % Potassium 39 which is stable potassium, and approximately 6% of the isotope, Potassium 41.
Potassium also contains a tiny fraction of the radioactive isotope of potassium, Potassium 40 (K40).

Potassium 40 undergoes three forms of decay, beta -, rarely beta+, and electron capture.

Watch the video to see more. The author also lists his calculations and sources for equipment.

Radioactivity of common items demo

The BBC’s Dr. Yan puts on a little quiz show in Covent Garden Market, London for passers by. We find out just how much the average shopper knows about radiation. People are often surprised when they find out that many everyday objects are radioactive – including food!

The Brazil Nuts he tests here are radioactive but not from radium – the ones from Brazil are. This is due to the extensive root system of the Brazil Nut tree and the fact that there is Uranium in the soil in the Brazilian rainforest.


Nite Glow Rings



Nite-Glow keyrings are a popular brand of tritium powered glowing keyring.

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Tritium Keyrings

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