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We are producers of tritium keychains that will glow in the dark for as long as ten years. No batteries, no recharging, no soaking up light prior to working – they just continue to glow.

The first question everyone asks is, “Are they dangerous?”

They are not much more radioactive than Brazil Nuts. While we do not recommend eating them, the radiation they contain is miniscule and does not escape the container. Even if the container or keychain breaks, the tritium inside is a gas and it immediately disperses harmlessly back into the environment where it came from in the first place. → More…

What they are, is cool.


Glowing Tritium Keyrings make a fantastic present. People are amazed that such a product is even available to the general public.

If you have a techie or technology lover in your life, this is a present that they would love to receive. These keyrings are the coolest gadgets since smart phones.

They are also practical, no more fumbling for your keys in a dark room. For ladies, it makes your keys or anything else you attach it to easier to find in a dark handbag. No more searching for your keys on a dark sidewalk or losing them in the grass.

So why are they cool?
They use tritium to make hydrogen bombs. How cool is that?
It is an isotope of hydrogen, like deuterium.

Tritium (/ˈtrɪtiəm/ or /ˈtrɪʃiəm/; symbol T or 3H, also known as hydrogen-3) is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. The nucleus of tritium (sometimes called a triton) contains one proton and two neutrons, whereas the nucleus of protium (by far the most abundant hydrogen isotope) contains one proton and no neutrons. Naturally occurring tritium is extremely rare on Earth, where trace amounts are formed by the interaction of the atmosphere with cosmic rays. The name of this isotope is formed from the Greek word “tritos” meaning “third”.

Original Nite Glowring keyring – NEW Clear Case – illuminates for up to ten years – Glow (Yellow)



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These make excellent presents for the guy or gal who has everything and likes unique, one-of-a-kind or high tech gadgets. The coolness factor is high in these keychains!